Baer Christian Hospital Clinic

The Baer Christian Hospital Clinic is an out-patient building opened in 2006 as a fully functional out-patient facility. In addition to two doctors’ consulting rooms it has a minor surgery room, treatment room, pharmacy, laboratory, two in-patient beds for overnight observation, toilets and generator room.

The Baer Christian Hospital Clinic reopened May 2006, and is currently providing health screening, medical exams, medicines, minor surgeries, and pre-screening for admission to the main hospital for an average of 800, or more people every month in the name of Jesus Christ, the Healer. Over 110,000 people have been served since Baer Christian Hospital Clinic opened. These patients come from all the surrounding small towns and villages, especially the poor who have little means to travel to larger hospitals in the cities. Healthcare is delivered through this Christian clinic to people of all castes, religions, and ethnic backgrounds without discrimination. Since its reopening, the clinic daily provides services for dozens of patients with minimal charge, and no charge at all for the very poorest with emergency needs. The poor can receive medical exams, treatment, and appropriate medicines when available. Only with the help of dedicated friends and supporters are we able to continue providing this kind of care in the name of Jesus Christ.